Turning 30 is a wake-up call for many. All of the sudden you realize eternal youth is an impossibility  even with all the anti-aging advances. For men it might not seem like such a bad thing; they just become more appealing to the Ladies. However I'd say 75% of women have a hard time uttering the words THIRTY....common ladies say it T H I R T...y...ouch, yikes! Unfortunately it's the unforgiving process of becoming-the coolest old lady at the nursing home. Which brings me to today's title, what does one learn by 30?

Here is my personal addendum of things learned by my 30th Birthday (although most cliche-today they are more relevant then ever):

  1. Sleeping less than 6-8 hrs is a crime against nature. (Hence why new parents are ready to tear their eyeballs out)
  2. You know exactly who is worth keeping in your life. (You become a Jedi at reading peoples intentions and personal Aura's)
  3. A few extra pounds now and then is a life well spent. (some women feel they are better looking as they get older, this is not always the reason, I've found that by 30 you learn to love yourself and accept your flaws, self confidence radiates as beauty in ones mirror)
  4. True love is worth fighting for.(Recognizing true love is easier as you get older)
  5. Traveling humbles the soul.(Being exposed to cultures different than your own, increases your equanimity and tolerance with humanity)
  6. It is not enough to dream and want, you must consecutively work on your goals and yourself, there is no time for goofing off, you only have  one chance to make your existence matter.
  7. It is not where you went to college but instead what you do with your education and your constant thirst for knowledge.
  8. It is all about the people you know..Network Network Network.
  9. Home can be anywhere as long as you find the time to connect with those who love you.
  10. To be happy is a decision you take every morning. Happy people work hard at inner peace and self-worth, with time it becomes second nature and brings good things their way.
  11. Care less about what people think of you, for those who judge you are not worth your time or sorrow.
  12. Tequila is never a good idea if  you want to run for office someday!
  13. A good pair of expensive shoes will last longer than 10 pairs of cheap shoes.
  14. By 30 you should already know excuses are just your way of procrastinating your biggest fears.
  15. Recognizing your errors and knowing when to say I'm sorry is key to inner peace.
  16. Your Family will always be your family no matter how crazy they are, you can choose to separate yourself from their madness however you cannot shake off genes.
  17. Salt brings out the flavor in food, and a little bit of beer and vinegar on your red meat does wonders.
  18. A messy or museum like home states a lot about a person or their current mental health.
  19. Driving in a Blizzard is an artful skill not many own or can emotionally handle.
  20. Drafting Toilet partitions for a living is not as easy as it may sound it's a  skillful art balanced by state codes and ADA min. requirements.
  21. Your mom will always love you, unless your Tori Spelling (it's questionable).
  22. Peruvian food is among the best in the world.
  23. Tomorrow is spelled with one M and two R's.
  24. What you eat directly correlates to how you feel about yourself.
  25. Sheltering children makes for a society of spoiled brats and lazy professionals.
  26. Writing about Religion and Politics on social networks is best left to the professionals (by professionals I mean CNN correspondents or anyone on that level).
  27. Those who teach cannot do is an untrue statement.
  28. Don't judge people for their mix-matched outfits-they might be color blind.
  29. Traveling for work sounds glamorous until you get stuck in an airport due to weather or bomb threat implications.
  30. Turning 30 is scary, however starting a new decade is exciting.

Of-course! There is much more I've learned by now, however those stick out the most.  It's a beautiful thing to be able to look back at your 20's; the years of selfishness and self indulgence, they were all necessary to get you ready for what's important...your career, your family and your Legacy!

p.s the fun is not over, it's just more laid back and way more glamorous! If your interested in seeing some more pictures taken at my Golden 30th birthday you can check them out here, as well as, other 30th B-day ideas.