Attention Generation Y! Your needed to sign a petition in the name of Denise Scott Brown


I stumbled open this article in the Section for Leading Women over at CNN.comit's title "Denise Scott Brown: Architecture favors 'lone male genius' over women" caught my attention for several reasons:

  1. The profession favoring men is my favorite bedtime story. 
  2. They are talking about Robert Venturi's wife Denise Scott Brown, and how she was not included in the Pritzker prize won in 1991, despite having been his counterpart for the past 40's. Bottom line, they collaborated and worked together- they should have both been addressed the prize. The article calls what they did "institutionalized sexism" (I'm going to have to archive this term to my word trunk of treasures). 
  3. The two women who started the petition and are turning the gears, are Generation Y gals. 
  4. They have managed to get the signatures of Rem Koolhaas (my pantone color bff), Wang Shu, Zaha Hadid , Richard Meier, Rafael Moneo, Renzo Piano, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron (a.k.a my two dads but they don't know it) and Venturi himself. That is basically almost all the recipients in the last decade. 
  5. Last but not least - I love Archi-Drama

So in conclusion even if your not in the profession, but feel strongly about defending your XX Chromosome or your wife's and friends for that matter. It only takes two seconds to sign this petition and give Denise Scott Brown the recognition she deserves. After all, look at her she's 81 and is still working. She's the Betty White of Architecture, let's make her smile.