If there were ever such a thing as a "Photo App Hoarder" my name would be all over it. I'm sure I'm not the only one with 40 photo apps on their iphone...maybe you're a photo app hoarder too? If so, let us compare- I present a list of some of the best photo apps out there. Enjoy! 


  1. Instagram: Before Facebook bought them for 1 Billon $, and companies discovered how to Spam via Insta comments-there was Instagram, and their vibrant community. Although we share our little secret with the World now, some of us have stuck around as the Loyal original Igers.
  2. Hipstamatic: Is a fun little camera app that allows you to change lenses and film to your liking. You can also purchase retro film for your snaps.
  3. Infinicam: Not many people know about Infinicam, it was put out by the same people who did Camera Bag (another cool photo filter app) however, this one has more options with not only Filters but also borders.
  4. Slowshutter: Just as it sounds, it allows you to play with your shutter speed.
  5. Ttv Camera: This app has many interesting Grungy filters that can not be achieved with other apps such as Snapseed and PhotoStudio.

Editing Apps:

  1. Snapseed: Although the list of photo editing Apps is endless, even the original Photoshop App falls short of Snapseed.
  2. PhotoStudio: Is the mother of photo effects, it has effects that range from crinkled paper to added sun flares.
  3. ColorSplash: Creates duotone photos.
  4. Pic Grunger: Is a fun free App that allows you to Grunge your pics while controlling the intensity.
  5. Vintagio: Is an amazing retro video recorder for those times you'd like to give your videos that extra charm.


  1. Diptic: Is a Photo Collage Platform.
  2. imovie: Just as on your mac you can use the app to put together your video snaps.
  3. Postagram: Let's you send your Iphone pics as a Postcard and has a cool cutout feature.
  4. Vapp: Allows you to snap a picture handsfree by the simple tone of your voice. Very handy app.
  5. PanoLab: Allows you to make Panoramic's from your snaps.

Video Bonus! Up-&-Comers:

  1. Cinemagram: Is Instagram in Video Format, pretty corky and funny.Also allows you to animate one single object to make for a still but animated shot.
  2. Vyclone: I wish more people used this when celebrating events together. Allows you to capture a moment from different vantage points, and friends can collaborate together and make one video.
  3. Clinch: Geolocates Videos to give you a live picture of happenings in your area.
  4. Viddy: A video sharing app formated such as Instagram however with no filters, and a more serious vibe.