CDS & a BABY - ARE's diary

Oct 3rd, DAY 1: 8:15 pm

I started, I finally felt it was time. I set my schedule to study for my 7 Architecture Licensure Exams. It wasn’t easy to mentally arrive at this point. Granted it took 8yrs of procrastination to finally decided today’s the day. I’ve mapped out what will be the next year and 6 months of torture. The ultimate goal is to finish all exams by June 2018..will I make it? Not sure, life is super complicated, all I can do is try my best.

Strategy: To not fall asleep from 8-10pm and study, every day for the next 21 months -- 80-100hrs a test -- buy me something nice for each passed exam.

Goal: Gain more background knowledge for the things I actually do on a daily basis. Get licensed so I can finally legally be called an Architect vs. Project Designer.

Methods: Read everything there is to read, listen to all audios, study study study, bug all my friends and cyber friends who are testing or have tested. Drink lots of wine from 8-10pm.

How did I do on my first day?

8:15 Start. Chug Wine

8:20 Baby R leaves her bed

8:21-8:25 Dad comes and tries to make her fall asleep. Adventures of Curious George play in the background.

8:26 Headphones go in with loud Spotify deep focus music

8:27-9 Read 6 pages of Chapter 56 in the Ballast on Building Codes and Regs

9:00 Self-realization how much this is going to suck

9:05 Baby R roams around the room (Dad is passed out). She lays beside me and tries to turn my Ballast book pages.

9:06 Mean mom locks her in her own room and shuts the door (Toddler screams in background)

9:07 Crank up the volume of music, chug wine.

9:15 Dad Rescues Baby R as she screams in her bedroom, brings her to bed with him.

9:16 I look at my watch and see how much progress I’ve made on this really exciting chapter of codes. Chug Wine

10:00 Give up

10:00-6:00am Dreams of walking through corridors chased by fire, waiting for doors to burn down in 20mins. 6:30am Chug Coffee.