Case Installation & Graphic Design completed for  WWW 1 Museum.

Case Installation & Graphic Design completed for 

WWW 1 Museum.

Recession Alternative:

What is an exhibit designer? Why would you do that instead of just practicing architecture? How much do you get paid? It seems that the world is curious as to why I would go into this instead of getting a job as an intern architect.

I will now explain my crazy detour.

After three months of sending my resume to everyone I knew, everywhere that was hiring, all my dream firms, and all the firms that sucked. I came to the conclusion hmmm ...what is going on - why is no one calling me back, not me, nor my friends. So I sat around and blamed the economy for a bit, and one morning I was searching (just for fun) the Kansas City Art Institute website. I went into their job posts, and there it was, a job post placed within the last hour. "Hiring exhibit designer" must have knowledge in, Auto cad, Sketchup, Photoshop etc, etc.

"Well..... I know all those the things, how hard could it be?" I send my resume, and within 30 minutes I received a phone call - within a week I was hired. Grateful to have a job in a somewhat related field, I was blind to the luck I had fallen into. This job combined everything I loved about architecture and took away all the boring stuff.

My thesis in architecture was on Flexible Architecture, and what’s more flexible then a portable exhibition, right? I love furniture design and interior design "who gets hired to do the interior of stores and build amazing custom pieces?" exhibit designers do, Hoorahh!

Why didn't I know of these people, I didn't even know this was a career choice? Within one week I was already designing things and sending them to be routed out in a warehouse - conveniently placed 5 steps away from my desk. I get to see firsthand how they carve, mold, table saw, and router it up.

Being an Exhibit Designer was never in my plans, but sometimes life deals us unexpected hands, and more often then not,we just have to learn to play them as best as we can.<---geez I'm such a cheese-ball, that last statement was C O R N Y, but hopefully you got the gist.