Fix your shitty self with a "Toilet Paper Challenge"

Hey Stinkers!

 I welcome you to join me on this crazy mission of mine:

Start date July 10th, 2017

 -Grab a full roll of toilet paper.

-For 66 days you will do one thing.

-You may choose whatever you like.

-The smaller the task, the better.

-Make it easy enough that failing to do so would mean you’re no longer with us - as in, you’ve died.

-Every day you will take off one sheet off the toilet paper roll.

-Once you complete the 66 days, start a new “one thing” and continue taking one sheet off the roll

-Watch the roll get smaller

-Connect with me once you’ve completed your roll. Let me know what changes you made and how it impacted your quality of life.

Why the hell I’m I doing this?

Over the last couple years I’ve suffered from a lack of focus. I’ve failed at finishing ever goal I’ve embarked on. I gained weight vs losing, I failed my first architecture exam, I haven’t finished my secret passion project . My toddler still sleeps with me and I stopped reading at nights to her (because I’m exhausted) and the list goes on. Frankly, I don’t like the feeling that comes along with failure. And just to be clear I’m not depressed or actually living a shitty life (to be honest my life is pretty fabulous). But bringing it back on point, I want to make long life habits that will guide me back to my path of achieving my self goals, family goals, and professional goals. So with this little introduction I’d like you to join me with my “fix your shitty self with a toilet paper challenge”.

I don’t know if this has ever been attempted, I don’t know if anyone has ever thought of it, but here’s what I can say. Life is like a jumbo roll of toilet paper. It’s bulky at first and you feel like it will last forever. However, everyday you strip away one sheet of paper and before you know it --The roll is gone. Once you’ve completed that roll of toilet paper, you don’t go around walking with your butt full of poop. You start a new roll, and the process starts all over.

I know that when we make small changes it can create a snowball effect. That’s the plan. I plan to work myself out of this rut, one small change at a time.

Why 66 days? Well experts say that’s the magic number to form a habit, not 21 as originally thought, so for now, we’ll strive for that. It won’t be easy, that’s why I’m making this ridiculous post. To see if I can find some accountability partners to cheer me on as I fix my shitty self. My hopes are by the end of this year we will have no need for a new year's resolution because we will be months ahead of the “new you”.