How to blog on the go!

A few tips on how to post to your blog while away from your computer.

I'm 90% iphoneographer 10% blogger. If you're in a similar situation it would make more sense to feed your blog information on the go through photographs with a word or two sprinkled here and there. After all why not try to increase the traffic of your blog with some Eye Candy?

How do we do this?

Well for starters this post is actually a test to see if my social media string theory will actually pan out. I had a Gen Y social media gadget breakdown the other day that made me think that maybe I'm not the only one having problems pushing media through the right chanels.

Here are a couple of suggestions to keep it simple while not sounding so simple:

  1. Download your blogging platform app on your smart phone or Tablet.
  2.  If your blogging platform does not have an app, find the email address they provide for direct posting - again through email.
  3. If you fear photo copyright infringement, there's also a number of watermark apps you can download to place on your photos.
  4. Once you have posted to your blog from email or app, you can also set your post to self feed into social media platforms, such as facebook and twitter. Depending on your blogging platform they usually have a feeder that will push the information for you. Select only one outlet.
  5. Once you have selected the one social media platform go ahead and link your second social media platform to recieve information from the first. I know this all sounds like a mess but in the end it should work something like this. 
  • Email your Blog Post to Website
  • Blog post feeds it to Facebook
  • Facebook feeds it to Twitter
  • The End

There's also a number of applications that allow you to feed a status to a number of social media platforms at the same time (and yes all of this is so 2009). However I've found that if you concentrate on just one platform and smartly link them all together, you'll avoid the extra work of clicking share here and share there.

P.S downside is some apps don't have spellcheck ouch!