If you Build it they will come......


It's origin:

I started this blog in 2008 ( I was 25 back then, the world was my oyster) and though the economy was in shambles, I was young enough that nothing seemed to phase me. I originally thought I'd write after work and become a superstar blogger who would produce a post a day. I later found out if you're going to be a blogger you might want to know how to spell and put sentences together in a coherent fashion (and for those who know me well, you're laughing right about now).

It changes:

Over the years it has gone through a number of changes. It was once called mundane architecture, and the plan was to blog about all the little projects in life that were just as important as our built environment. I then realized that was just a fancy name for a DIY blog and I didn't want to confuse people-or better yet I didn't want to compete with younghouselove.com (those two over there make me sick to my stomach-in a good way). We started blogging around the same time-they became blogging moguls and New York top sellers - while I just gave up. This is the thing about blogging you have to completely dedicated yourself to it, while still 100% committing yourself to the outside world. It's not that simple....well unless you're the Youngsters or Bob from Life of an Architect-I love that guy. Moral of this story, I was trying to find a good in-between from cutting edge DIY and wholesome Martha. For years I over thought about the concept and who my actual demographics would be (I wanted a blog even my guy friends would enjoy). Since there was no deadline or anyone to answer to but myself, I continued to metathink the matter some more.

The design:

I've driven myself crazy over this thing (right brain work at it's finest). I've literally spent hours learning simple HTML and CSS rather than actual blogging. My husband the software engineer would shake his head and yell at me to actually write something and stop hacking code (those snobby nerdy coders they hate people like us). It wasn't until I completely had it crash on me that I started to adhere to Mies Van Der Rohe philosophy "less is more".

It's Location:

In the past 5 yrs it has gone from Blogger to Wordpress to its current home-Squarespace.   As you can see this blog has been places - it loves to travel just as much as it's owner. The consequence of all that travel time...lost luggage (a.k.a photo links to old posts). If you scroll through some old post's you'll see what I'm referring to.

It's reason for being:

So lets recap, it was created to serve a purpose with a unique thought out program, but later moved, all while being under construction...pretty much sounds like your regular TI (Tenant Improvement) project doesn't it? <-------that was an archi joke. Or we can say it sounds very similar to the story of my life.  

Fast forward to 2013 - I still keep this blog around as a stress reliever.  I'll sometimes blog about an issue that is really bothering me. For example, I'll write articles such as "How the GOP lost my taco flavored kisses". As you can tell by the title - that had nothing to do with Architecture. So what occasionally ends up happening is,  I'll come back to my senses and realize politics should probably be left out of my blogging existence. I then get bloggers remorse and take down the articles. However, don't be surprised if you ever see crazy unrelated post's come out, "it's the elf on the shelf" who write them. This is why for now, this blog is called Beyond Architect and the uncensored musings of a generation Y gal, because you just never know what might come out of my head that day. Bottom line is, if you're lucky enough and stick around you might get to witness some wacky musings or industry rants. I guess this blog could also be called Beyond Architect and the case of the disappearing blog posts hehehe.