I woke up today thinking it just be another bland day. Once at work I decided to go through some old design magazines - for a bit of designer fresh air. When then.....I accidentally came across a reception counter I designed for Midwest Walnut last year "or was that two years ago?", who knows years keeps mixing together lately. I was very excited (jumped up an down like a five year old that just got informed she is going to Disney - I really need to learn to control my excitement at times). There is something about seeing your stuff in the glossy pages of a magazine. I told my coworkers if I ever saw my work in Architecture Record I most likely faint, I doubt that would ever happen but if it did-I know the outcome. 

I've attached the article from February's Exhibitor Magazine as well as actual pictures of the counter when it was still in the shop. Also I've added a third rendering showing the glass top (the proposed idea thrown out the window).

The article does not mention my company nor my name. However it still feels pretty cool in my book.  Over all today was a good day. Now I must get back to work and later check out all these magazines...just in case, you never know when your work could be published without your knowledge.

Article: (with my personal comments)

When is a reception desk more than just a reception desk? (guess the author was feeling philosophical that day) When it's a product display and a three-dimensional company logo as well. (Yeah, tell that to my boss that thought I was crazy) Midwest Walnut turned its easily recognizable "MW" logo into a large walnut reception counter in its in-line exhibit during the 2009 International Builders Show. (Holly Molly Midwest Walnut went to the international builders show, that's awesome...wait a minute why don't they ever mention me ( it's like i don't exist jejeje). The innovative, angular reception desk not only helped to brand the company's booth space while doing double duty as a functional exhibit element, it also served as a conversation starter and effective product display, showing off the beauty of Midwest Walnut woods.(you guys were good clients, and I'm sure you said Thanks, but just in case I forget, your Welcome.)