Motherhood & Work

There’s a sad reality in the profession of Architecture and elsewhere where female power houses are childless. Their child is their job and they prefer it that way, after all kids aren’t for everyone right? Especially if your Zaha Hadid -- that nut doesn’t even have a kitchen in her house.  However there’s many successful professionals who have managed to do it all or so they say. But the number is low and those women are running on magic and so goes the much long exhausted debate whether women can actually have it all.


...a career

...a successful marriage life

So far the example I’ve seen in my daily life are the following:

1-You sacrifice family for career (even if you have kids they become second).

2-You do not sacrifice family for career and your left in the dust.

3- You become a stay at home mom for 18 yrs and when the kids leave, your heart broken and jobless.

4- You depart from architecture by the age of 35 because you realize you can be more fruitful elsewhere and get compensated better without sacrificing family.

5- You become an advocate for flex time, master time management and somehow perform what I refer to as magic.

The latter might require you to gain an extra pair of premature wrinkles, however it’s the one I’m striving for, unless along the way number 4 becomes too tempting. So for the next few months I will be psychologically preparing myself for motherhood and kicking myself for procrastinating my ARES. Will I ever blog again past May 2014?  Not sure. I’m about to embark on a life altering-never ending roller coaster ride. I’d like to stay hopeful and not surcumb to all the negative aspects of what being a parent means and the many things you have to give up on the first few months of a baby's for example taking showers. I know that once you become a parent you become selfless, but do we really have to smell in the process? Again, not sure, stay tuned for the good, the bad and the smelly! Till then I'm still leaving work late -- never home before 7pm.