How the color pink slowly creeped into my life

Reflections on becoming a mommy Part 1:

My little angel in her first week of life.

My little angel in her first week of life.

It’s been a week since my baby girl was born and man I’m whooped. I feel like I’m still recuperating from running a full marathon without proper training. As to be expected my new normal orbits around a tiny little human and the addition to the color pink in my house.

I’d always jokingly told my friends that my daughter would never know of that horrid color. For me the color pink represents weakness, fakeness, spoiled brats and shallowness. I know,  those are pretty harsh things to say to a color. But since I can remember I had problems with it.  Some kids refused their serving of broccoli, I refused pink anything (even though it was nearly impossible).  I’ll never forget arguing with my mom because my cousins got the Barbie Dream House with a mustard color roof and mine was hot pink, I said “Mom people don’t live in Pink Houses”.

I know,  you’re probably thinking at this point, hmmm this chic has issues she just had a baby and she’s obsessing over a color.  However, in the past 7 days I’ve noticed specs of pink slowly creeping into my life and as much as I tried to shove the pink stuff to the bottom of the drawer, my daughters 7 poopy diapers were culprit to bringing them out -- sooner then I was ready for. Which brings me to the real point, it’s not about a color. It's how having a child will change you in less than 24hrs. What once would completely freak you out changes the minute they put that baby in your arms. I might never like the color Pink, but seeing it around my house these days is a sweet reminder on how my life is slowly changing.

Now I leave you with one of my favorite Kid Toy Commercial: