Aha!! I knew that would grab your attention. 

This is one of my many non related - non educational posts that just sort of happened while composing meaningful content. I was going through some old college files - looking for photographs of the Mccormick Student Center in Chicago. When I then realized, OMG I use to be a Hipster, AHHH!

Well let me rephrase that - at least in photo, as I’m pretty sure, I still listened to Britney Spears, and my idea of retro was Boyz to Men...shhh don’t tell anyone. There is nothing scarier for a 30 yr old (in 2013), to come to that realization.  As much as I tried to ignore it, I stumbled upon several selfie's that begged to differ. The slow recognition that I was now Ted Mosby looking at a Hipster stranger in the mirror was...TERRIFYING! Ted Mosby and the Hipster here in my favorite HIMYM episode. Ted Mosby and the Hipster here in my favorite HIMYM episode.

Today I get to see enough Hipsters on my day to day, to realize that one day they will wake up and think OMG what was I wearing and why was I so against Maroon 5?  Regardless, I'm sure my future kids will love to see their mom's fashion mishaps. 

In conclusion here is what I found. Enjoy! 

I still love Hats, and to all my friends who make fun of my Peter Pan boots - I still wear them. What can I say, some things never change. 

p.s  The Hipster revolution is not only reflected in today's fashion, they are taking it with them onto their professions. Architecture is changing and being molded to their liking. You can witness this being reflected in many San Francisco Start-Ups and giants such as Facebook. Places such as  O + A are catering to their sub-culture  and creating spaces that will keep the young techy's inspired. If their happy they will keep creating amazing technology that benefit us all. So I guess you can say, you may dress however you wish, as long as you keep making Wall-Street Sing.