Graduating Day

Graduating Day

So you finally graduated, made it through five excruciating years in Architecture what?

As you wave goodbye to your college classmates (some which you will never see again), the internal questions start fluttering in.

“Where will I live? Chicago, thats close right? Dubai? I heard China is hiring. Where are the next Olympics? Should I move there?”

Dreams, ambitions, questions, questions and more questions, but only one simple answer: Do you have enough money to take off? If the answer is no, and your broke then your only solution is to move back to a rent control (aka FREE) apartment,until you can save enough to hit the road.

So you temporarily push aside your hopes and dreams and welcome in...Post Graduate Reality 101!

For me it meant staying a little longer in the Midwest, and as comfortable as the Midwest can be, I was not looking forward to this. Moving back to mom's house, NO-WAY! In addition it was hard not to feel bitter about those lucky few who's parents paid for their college tuition, gifting them with the ultimate prize of a debt free life; Placing 100% of their paychecks and future stability immediately at their disposal. While they were sailing away to foreign lands, we were left behind in the dusk. By now your thinking...geez someones jealous, naaaa like I said “FEW” got this lucky, most people were just as unfortunate as me. For us poor Smucks, who's decision to procrastinate job hunting while in school started to nib us in the rear: Reality of the 6-8 months student loan grace period started setting in.

So this was my reality, a recent grad, who spent three months of unemployment, living with her mom after what felt like a decade of not living at home. I was counting the days until someone would call me and make me a job offer, I would of worked at Walmart I was getting so desperate. And only after three months I made the decision to move in with longtime college boyfriend in Kansas City (yes sinful 21st C living at it's finest), it wasn't much of a move after studying in Springfield, MO, and having been a St. Louis resident, pretty much it was still Missouri. The Show me State was not going to show me the door anytime soon.

However, there was a door's latched that would be sealed “my Uhual storage room." As I took one last look at what had been my life for the past 5 years: a mess of empty cylinders, architecture supplies, models, and books, I was overcome by an indescribable sensation. Whether it was a sense of peace, uncertainty,or sadness, I will never know. But the time had come to say goodbye to my college years and welcome my new life in Kansas City.