My secret love affair

From Architect to Shoe Designer - Rem D. Koolhaas

Everyone knows I love Rem Koolhass and his loud Architecture.  His Buildings are fun, quirky, and filled with extravagant bright colors.  What you didn’t know is the the love affair I have with his nephew - Rem D. Koolhass.

Him and I have been seeing each other for the last 3 years.  I can no longer keep our relationship a secret.  Especially, since some of my closest friends have already seen signs of our affair plastered on Pinterest.  Here is where you'lI occasionally see glances of our rendezvous.

Today my husband is still oblivious to the matter, but you my’re now exposed.  I’m in love with Rem. D’

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, shoes are my secret love affair. It’s the achilles heel for many women.  Every 10 secs there’s someone hiding a pair under the bed ( in hopes her husband doesn’t find out).  I know, I'm supporting vanity and consumption here.   I understand the children of Africa are extremely upset at me - all the time.   However, you cannot blame me and my love,  shoes are tiny pieces of art you can actually wear.

Now. For today’s matter, Rem D’s shoes....

I've often told him no one would ever buy some of his crazy designs, but then I always end up having to bite my tongue when freaking Lady Gaga shows up and clears out his stock.   Regardless, I do appreciate his Archi Sassiness in fashion.  I guess all that's left to say is,  this is what happens when an Architect's design shoes.   Things get a little crazy and very Geometric.  You can check more of his collection at United Nude.