Returning to work after Baby

Returning to the workforce has been a surprisingly ok transition. Except for the fact I’ve had a headache for the past 14 days that doesn’t go away with meds, water, or rest. I mentioned it to my doctor and told her what Mr. Google said (breastfeeding moms who start going longer stretches during the day without releasing, get headaches because of some weird reverse oxytocin effect. Don’t quote me though --  I cannot find the source I read this at). My doctor did however think it was a neck muscle strain (because it doesn’t go away). She advised me getting some neck cane thingofmybooper to give myself massages and find those pressure points that are causing the headache. I might try acupuncture if they don’t get better soon.

But you’re probably wondering about baby or work right? Baby is great. She stays home with her aunty half the week and the other days with a close friend. She is growing fast, getting cuter and has learned to imitate laughter and roll over. As everyone says, watching this little human grow up is pretty Kick A$$. She definitely is going to give us a run for our money and most likely will tell us one day we are old fashion. Oh well, it happens.

Like previoulsy mentioned, going back to work wasn’t that painful (unfortunately I still have to work until I reach my prime in my field -- 60yr olds). I’m just hoping our little girl one day doesn’t play the “you never gave me the time of day/worked all day long” card. We’re still trying at home to find that perfect family balance and get adjusted to being parents. But in the interim, I make sure to shower her with kisses every minute I get.

Thirdly, I decided to be a contractor for the time being -- until I completely feel I have this work-baby-home situation figured out.  I returned to work at my former employers 2 days a week and I’m also working for Levi’s Strauss 2 days a week assisting in their facilities management department. I have given myself Friday’s off to spend time with Baby R. Working two different jobs is actually pretty great. It gives me a change of scenery every other day and different types of challenges to get resolved. In addition being a contractor usually allows you to set your own hours and availability. Eventually I would love to be part of a team full time, but like I said, one day at a time.

Lastly, I have a new appreciation for women, mothers and even stay at home moms. There are many things Daddy’s cannot do for baby (like breastfeed them). And having to work, pump and still be 100% productive is exhausting. Especially since 3 months postpartum I still have a bad case of the mommy brain. It’s not rare that I wake up and ask myself what day is, where am I, and who am I. My suggestion for anyone who is reading this and needs a little help in the memory department…..MAKE LISTS, ASK SIRI TO REMIND YOU. The other day someone told me I was outsourcing my brain to Siri. I thought that was pretty funny but OMG what would I do these days without my wunderlist, dry erase board and Siri.  Fun stuff right?