Revit, Revit.........R E V I T ! ! ! !

My confession and the findings in the Job Boards.


So Guy’s, I have a slight confession to make.  I got Laid Off last week (also the reason you’ve been seeing me blog again). But don’t worry I’m fine, the world is still in order.  My Boss still loves me (I still feed his cat), I’m not hiding under a pillow, and I’ve started studying for Schematics - well after this post I’ll start studying for schematics.

There is no one to Blame in this misfortune,  except for........APPLE!  Apple is the evil doer.  Apple is saving their ching ching for their Spaceship touchdown (a.k.a Apple Corp’s new headquarters).  This indicates, all temporary TI’s and user relocations should be wrapping up this month.  In the process, all small firms in the Bay Area who relied on Apple’s money books are...running a bit dry.  Consequently, many had to lay off, some of their beloved staff and this is where I come in.  Since I was the last hire at my awesome little firm, I got the giyotin. As I write on my macbook pro, and check the time on my iphone - I curse you Apple Corp. Like Michelle Tanner would say “How Rude ! ”.  

Now.  Turning back to why this post is called Revit, Revit.....REVIT!!!! As anyone who’s hit the Job Boards in the last 3 yrs knows, all you see is Revit this Revit that. And for someone who hasn’t touched revit since....wait....oh yes! - never.  It’s completely depressing - better said, that is definitely something to hide under your pillow for. Don’t get me wrong, I can hang pretty well with 3D max, and Sketchup. However, I know it isn’t the new thing all the cool kids in the playground are fussing over about.

So, what will I do about this? Well for now,  nothing. I’m going to get this one test done before Blackout (NCARB goes into blackout this summer, coincidentally on my Birthday). Once this shenanigans is over I’ll start to figure out how to deal with Revit! Oh yes, almost forgot and how to go about this unemployed situation. Who know’s maybe I’ll start a food truck for Hungry Architects and name the food some crazy #$^8, like Rem Kool Hot Po. I hear those things are pretty popular here in San Francisco. Don’t know what to do with your life - start a food truck in SF, hehehe...j/k, or wait,  am I?