A couple years ago I decided to Boycott Wal-Mart, I felt that supporting the big box stores was putting the local mom and pops stores out of business. Today I admit I cannot afford to shop at the grocery down the street, the recession has made me stop quenching everytime I walk into Wally world. I always said the minute I graduate college I would never step a foot inside a Wal-Mart. Oopps, I spoke to soon, it goes without saying never say never, and unfortunately many can argue that we can't always retain ourselves from the big yellow happy face and that wonderful rollback sign, but darn look at those numbers they really do have some of the lowest prices. Though I hate the idea as much as anyone, I’m going against my values and today I'll admit  I have temporary un-boycotted Wal-Mart. So my question to YA'LL: those who have found the secret, how have you managed to stay away from Big Box Stores in these times of crunching numbers?