The Laid Off Architect

It's been awhile since our industry's demise in 2008, along with the rest of the nation's financial crisis. However, for some of us it hasn't been as easy to get our feet deeply seeded into the profession again...well at least not deep enough to make them stick. It's been a professional roller coaster that we hope to someday look back at fondly.

With that said I'd like to extend this lovely survey to all those peers who've experienced or are currently experiencing the lovely world of unemployment. Maybe even standby mode (which means you're currently a cad monkey not going anywhere or waiting for your firm to take you on as a fulltime employee versus a contractor). Please be as honest as possible as this survey could be a very enlightening source of information to many.

Stay tune comrades as I will try and post the result of the survey a week from today. 

"In come the Laid off Architects to answer some of our questions, fears, and resolutions."