Who will be the next Maya Lin in re-designing the St. Louis arch park grounds? It was announced this week that the city of St. Louis is considering spicing up the park areas around the arch, with a new cultural center and a more inviting entrance for pedestrians (they really need to do something about that concrete paved pathway, it just doesn't do anything for me). The city is considering hosting a design competition before undertaking the project....So calling all designers, tonight as you close your eyes and dream about your design dilemas at work, think on how you can make Eero Saarinen proud, and how to become better and surpass Maya Lins vietnam wall.

*And remember she won the competition from a well written essay and a water color painting that looked like a bomerang in the ground* nothing against her tools of choice its actually quite impressive, nowadays not even a rendering that took 4 months and countless fights with 3-dmaxs can win you a competition*