The "will you be licensed" clock.


In every young professionals life (in the world of Architecture) there comes a day when you have to decide if you want to be licensed. 

Want? Isn't that the goal? Isn't that your sole reason for existing?  

Hmmm well maybe. Lately our generation has gotten....well you know, WE ARE PROCRASTINATING. This notion of being licensed is a lifetime commitment, and we're notorious for playing in the jungle gym (a coined term for climbing up the work ladder while venturing into many directions). 

However in the back of every young archi's heart lives the dream, well maybe someday. Lucky for some that dream becomes a kick in the butt when they get that letter stating, you're approved and you only have 5 yrs to do it. For some it takes 1yr, for some 3 and then there's the hardcore procrastinators that drag it the full 5. Whichever the case, it all starts the day you get that letter. 

p.s some even falter all together and say F%$^ this I'm going to open a restaurant, run this fortune 500 company or invent scrabble. I guess it's all good, as long as your not sitting still.  

Good Luck fellow procrastinators!