What will you tell your kids about the Generation Y Gene?

explained by Infographics.

They say our generation is spoiled. A bunch of spoiled little brats who run around thinking the world owes them something. I'll have to agree with that to certain degree,  I've met my fair share of "grab them by the neck and strangle them" types of folks. However, for the most part we are just a friendly social bunch who have the last traces of what it was like to live before internet. Not to mention, some of us still call each other (it's rare but it happens). Just think for a minute, our kids won't know a life before the IPAD, our kids will be TECH brats who will make fun of us for being around when Facebook was invented.  Our kids........"wait a minute!", our kids sound like spoil brats already. Which brings me to today's musing: At some point we were all the spoil brats of our time.  Every generation has their coined phrases, their technological revolution, their own ideology. So what is ours? What have we learned thus far (besides the double check on whatsapp means the person has received you instant message-Yeah you who ignored me I'm on to you, hehehe)? It wouldn't be fair to say the info-graphic illustrated marks your unique experience as a Generation Y child, however some of it is pretty fun to remember. Enjoy and feel free to comment on the one aspect that marked your generation. 

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