WORK RANT-Being a weak women sucks sometimes.

I'm so behind on blog post lately, however I have a huge work rant for you all.

I went to pick up my prints and notice the printer was out of paper. However this isn't your ordinary rolls of paper, they're 30" W heavy rolls that produce what we call architecture prints. Each roll probably weighs 30-50 pounds (totally guessing). Normally this is not a problem, but seeing as I'm a preggers over hear, carrying these rolls are a big no no. So what did I do? I simply asked the tech guy to help me feed the hungry printer. He wasn't to happy about it. He replied with a snark response saying: "I will show you how's it's done so when I'm not here". I assume he thinks I didn't know how it was done verses ignoring the fact I'm pregnant not just fat. In conclusion he wasn't to happy that I bothered him.

About less then 10 minutes later we all get bombarded by an all staff message saying: please don't bother XXX with non essentials task as he will be busy for the next 12 weeks with the office move etc etc etc. I knew right away that comment was directed at me.

Moral of the story is that I'm constantly proclaiming that women in the workplace especially in a career such as architecture have less barriers than ever, that was until of course I became pregnant. Now more than ever I see how hard it can be. Not to mention today I had to yell at a man on the Bus to offer his seat for another expecting mother.

I guess we still have barriers to overcome. Somehow I have to figure out a creative way to carry heavy stuff while expecting so I don't have to bother the male workforce and appear weak. ERRRRR Work problems!