Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s all the friends living in exotic locations that have inspired me to dream.

Dream about the perfect place for me.

What do I like about the city I live in (context, topography)? What are its circulation problems? What are the demographics and are they ideal for me? What are the climate and season averages?

People may have told you -if you are not happy in the place you currently live, than you will never be happy anywhere else. I disagree; there is always a place that makes you feel complete, content and hopeful.

Lets analyze my current city, I moved here a year ago and so far it’s not to bad. I love the area, but than again it is the Kansas City Plaza. Living right in the middle of the blitz and glamour of the plaza shops it's fun but just 4 blocks north is Westport. An area filled with ecliptic shops and funky little bars. It caters to a variety of people that rang from the up and coming yuppies, artists all the way to the trailer park crack smoking lads. The architecture in the plaza is a conjunction of Spanish, Arabesque and Art Deco , and the surrounding bungalows around it help ground you back to OZ Land.

Transportation in the Midwest is pretty equal “ You need a car”, the landscape is ideal for suburban sprawl, which leads to many interesting places being spread throughout all the adjacent counties. You might really like a burger joint but the bus line doesn't run all the way to Boonieville, and most likely you would never take the bus regardless of how conveniently it was place.

Which brings me to the topic of Demographics. Eeeekkk that's a fun bask of insults waiting to happen.  Why, you might ask. I live in literal Middle America, and my views of the world tend to clash with the conservative people around me. If you’re Latin you must be Mexican and good luck if people can point Panama, Colombia, Peru basically anything south of Mexico out on a map. I don’t want to be rude but lets just say if there are 5 people sitting in a bar (in Kansas City, MO) and you ask them to point Bolivia out on a map, 3 of those people and maybe 4 will place there finger on the Sahara desert. (True story)

The Climate in Kansas City is unpredictable today it could be 70 degrees and tomorrow it can snow. Your closet is full of all kinds of outfits: winter, fall, summer, and spring. I'm actually getting pretty tired of winter and I've been here long enough to stop fusing over it. In conclusion every place has it's pro's and con's and it's up to you to determine if your city is weighing you down. Overall KC is great, but one thing that does suck guessed it, The Chiefs? Hehehe.

Trash turned into Gold.

The magical world of Exhibit Designers:

If you would told me a couple years ago I be turning trash cans into gold, I would of turned up my nose at you. However, corky projects can sometimes be very gratifying. It's always nice to see the faces of a client when you have satisfied their demands, and exceeded their expectations.

I know it isn't classy and chic- it's no Herzog or Koolhass. But it will always hold a special place in my heart, as the trash that turned into gold hehehe.

Pre-Paint Job.

Money Funnel for the ASPCA-The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.