Florida Universities vs. Partisan Views. Coincidence? I think not.

Florida Universities vs. Partisan Views. Coincidence? I think not.

Warning!!! Political Rant Ahead...

Tuesday, this Great Nation came together to demonstrate the power of democracy, and what a night it was. But as President Barack Obama (B.O.) reiterated in his ending speech, our Civic Duty should not just end with our vote. In light of this collective sense of unity,inspired by B.O's speech and solidified by the statistics taken straight from the Exit Polls (Math), I've decided it sounds like an excellent time to highlight some interesting facts about the Female Hispanic voters behind the President's re-election.

There is a saying: it shouldn't matter what race or sex you are in order to succeed in the United States of America – especially since today Caucasians are becoming the minority, and women are taking over the Government, hehehe… not to mention we have a 2-term Black President (2Pac would be proud). With these concrete facts at hand (again MATH), you'd think this staggering shifts in demographics and ideologies would make our immigrant parents’ struggles a less relevant issue in today's "Changing America"… and yes, I'll have to say that for some well-educated voters with half a pea-brain… They are. Race and gender issues are things of the past, and America has bigger problems to worry about. However, I'm a real-life witness (former Bible-Belt resident) that in certain places of this country certain prejudices still exist, and as much as some of us (generation X/Y kids) would like to pretend they don't—They do.

So, how do we counteract racial stereotypes or gender related issues, and how do we persuade the Midwest and Southern states to turn purple allowing for more exciting Battlegrounds?

  • By simply embracing who we are (pissing off a couple people in the process).

  • Proactively seeking professional communities who are helping the future mini-you.

  • Becoming an advocate for multicultural integration and equal pay within the workforce....trust me, S%^& didn't come to a screeching halt with the Civil Rights Acts movement.

We must learn to recognize the bigger picture – that as we grow older and wealthier we should help those who are trying to better themselves, just as we did when we were young (if you’re a Cheetos-eating-lard, who believes you deserve everything because you’re poor and your momma is a minority, I don't feel sorry for you. GO GET A JOB!). What better example than myself to demonstrate the mindset and values of today's “Changing America”? I understand the roadblocks future mini-me’s might encounter—professionally and in life—because I went through it, and still deal with life’s injustices from time to time.

So, as a former Midwest resident, Florida resident, child of a single immigrant mother, and new implant to the West Coast, here are the following core facts as to why the GOP lost my vote:

  1. They messed with the rights of my vagina!

  2. They put me in a Binder.

  3. They wanted to reduce federal pell grants, which allow millions of college students to pursue their professional goals.

  4. They continuously place barriers on the Happiness of my Gay and Lesbian friends.

  5. They support the deportation of people who have been living in this country for over 10 years and have raised their U.S born children with salaries earned washing your dishes.

In conclusion, just in case you weren't following, Tuesday's Election was won because of people like us –College Educated/ Hispanic/ Women/ in their late 20's early 30's, registered voters--- quadruple threat GOP...ouch! Silent voices waiting for the day when we would matter.

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic who believes in Utopia and Purple States; however, I just wanted you to know where some of us are coming from, and why demographics are ever more important for future elections. We need to strive for a global sense of acceptance with one-another, and let go of old grudges and dated irreverent values formed by our Grandparents. I’d vote for a representative of the GOP as long as I knew they had my back and the backs of the rest of United States of America. However, all you've proved for the last couple years is that you’re dated and hate “Taco Flavored Kisses”.


  • When the food-stamps department called at 18 (because I qualified), I politely declined and said, “No thank you America, I'd like to see how it goes without your help, and I’ll eat Tuna and Ramon noodles like every good college student should,” (although sometimes I question that decision, it got rough a few times). My decision totally discredits the argument that many democrats & minorities just want to live off the government and sit back and collect rent money.

  • I strongly believed in education, but strongly oppose welfare. If we take from the government, they will find a place to take back from us.....sadly what they take back is money going towards education funds, and this can affect your child's future. However, I recognize the fact that even the high and mighty can fall, and it would be selfish not to lend a helping hand.

  • Today I owe a crazy amount of student loans, but I'm grateful for the money I don't owe due to the help of our government. This gratitude is repaid by my taxes in order to support the dreams of others (this is called being selfless).

  • I am a real-life example of the benefits of America's Democracy. Our country is evolving for the greater good because of people like us. And this does not mean we believe in Communism or Socialism, etc. We just want what's best for our families in this free speaking, Capitalist America. The End!