5 Red Flags from a potential employer

Dodging Bullets in the Architecture Scene or in general

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The strangest thing happen to me today, enough to warrant this blog post. I received a job offer from a small residential firm I'd applied to last week. The offer was not the surprising part, it was how the next 60 seconds of the telephone conversation unfolded.

received the call from X firm owner. He notifies me that he's spoken to all my references and that they only had good things to say (not surprising since I'm pretty awesome, hehehe j/k okay maybe just a little awesome). Due to this, he'd like to extend an offer for X amount of money.

Cool right? Think again...... 

I said: "wao this sounds great, however is it possible to have a day or two to think about this offer and complete the last remainder of interviews I'd scheduled for the week?". I assured him I wouldn't take any longer than Friday to give him an answer  (during our interview I'd notified him that I was also seeking other employment opportunities).

This is when the most interesting part of my week occurred, he rapidly retracted his offer and said the following: "That's okay, I will give the job to the other person that seems more eager to work for me."

Ouch! Right? 

Don't worry folks my Latin sassyness stayed dormant. While I was keeping my cool and collecting myself I answered with the following:

"Awww this is very unfortunately, that you cannot give me a day or two. However, I understand you'd like to fill the position as quickly as possible. I still believe your work is amazing and inspiring. I hope there are no hard feelings, please let me know if it doesn't work out with this new employee, and if I'm still available we can revisit the offer."

The X firm owner said: "yup, thanks, goodbye".  

And this guys is how you get a job offer, and have it taken back from you in 60 seconds. Just in case you ever needed to know.

Now, for the good part....

Lessons learned from impatient Meany Pants: 

1. When a potential employer is just looking to fill a seat as fast as they can, and are not willing to wait for their potential employee to review the offer......You just dodge a bullet. 

2. If during the interview the potential employer speaks ill of his own or past employees, this is a sign that he is unprofessional or just a plain  _____ (fill in with offensive language).  

3. If when you ask "how long has your longest employee been with you?" and the answer is 1 yr or less, this means something is wrong with him or the firm in general. 

4. If he belittles your resume or work experience and classifies your worth as less than what your past employer's compensation was....this means he's playing hard ball and wants you for Pennies. 

5. If when you enter or exit the firm, the current employees look scared, sad or worried, they're trying to tell you something with their eyes. Run for the hills you just dodged another bullet!

 P.S Follow up post to come about Job Hunting in today's market and using the help of a recruiter.  


YOLO & finding an Alchemist

Click on image and it will take you to my Hong Kong flickr set.  

Click on image and it will take you to my Hong Kong flickr set.  

I learned this new word “YOLO” (you only live once-youngster slang), before tagging along my husbands business trip to India. Since I was already traveling so far, I decided, again -- YOLO and stopped by Hong Kong to see my best friend. Now. The adventure didn't just end with a trip to Asia, I also manage to throw in a wedding in Missouri, before returning to sweet San Francisco. As you can imagine it was a whirlwind trip that left me questioning life, people and so many things. I know what you’re probably thinking... I had an Eat, Pray, Love extravaganza. I guess in many ways you’re probably right. It’s been days since my trip, and still haven’t managed to cohesively put all my thoughts together. However, these images have been a great help and I’d love to share some of them with you. I hope to soon be able to describe how the month of July 2013, changed my life’s perspective and helped me find an Alchemist. Stay tuned!

Click on image and it will take you to my India Flickr Set. 

Click on image and it will take you to my India Flickr Set. 

Put a triangle on it!

Stating the obvious

I'm not covering any ground breaking news here, just pointing out the obvious. Have you guy's noticed how much Love for Triangles there's been lately? Don't get me wrong, I love triangles, much more than circles (even though that is the most perfect shape). 

I always like to compare architecture to fashion. It's easy to see the mindset of an era by looking at their clothing. I know today's era is probably I.M. PEI's favorite. All hale, the decade of the equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangle. 

5 luxuries of a San Francisco Dweller

When you live in one of the most innovative and creative cities in the world, there's a couple of modern essentials you'd think we have. I'm here to clarify this, and let ya'll know we missing a ____ up in here'. 

My Amazing Ice Cube tray. 

My Amazing Ice Cube tray. 

  1. An Ice-maker: Who would of thought that in 2013 having an ice-maker would be a luxury. Well, in SF we have to settle for still buying ice trays. 
  2. Dishwasher: Some apartments have dishwashers but it's rare. I have one, however, Landlord tells me it will never be connected (that wasn't part of my signed contract) so now it just holds all my sweaters like Sarah Jessica Parkers did in SITC. 
  3. Parking Space: If you have your own parking space and don't pay 300 a month for it, you're living the dream.  
  4. Washer & Dryer: When I first move to the city I thought "man people are always on the go here --with their suitcases." I later found out that many SF dwellers use their luggage to transport their dirty clothes to the laundry mat.  
  5.  Pet Friendly place: You can still find a few apartments here and there that except "a cat", but my guess is that since many of the older victorians have original hardwood floors, landlords are not kind to pets. 

In conclusion, if you can find all of the above under 2,500 a month, within city limits....it's probably a fake ad, beware.