2015 New Year's Resolution

Baby R and i in a richard serra at lacma

Baby R and i in a richard serra at lacma

Last year was full of new experiences. The obvious biggie, becoming a mother to my smart cute little nugget Baby R, as well as, contracting for 3 different Architecture firms. Let's just say it was exhausting and exciting.

But now here we are...2015.

For the last couple weeks I've been thinking which life goal would be fun %^&*( tastic to accomplish. In came my subconscious nagging...  "LG you need to get your ARE's done sometime this decade" -- A tiny life factor I love to procrastinate. But to my defense I was prepping when instead I found out I was pregnant...WHOOPS.

Now onto a more positive side, going through labor has given me a new life perspective -- I can do this! Yes I know it might take me 1-5 yrs. But I'd love get the ball rolling so others in my same situation can follow my lead. We can do this, let's get this $%^& done because life never slows down and we will always have obstacles. 

Personally I'm going to attempt the impossible for 2015 and this will entail some very strong will power, as well as, cocooning myself for a bit -- the sad reality of tackling professional goals (Goodbye Fun).  In addition 2015 will mark my 10th year anniversary of being on  Facebook, which sounds like a perfect time to go MIA. Some of you will be like just don't log on, don't post anything bla bla bla. But the truth is, sometimes in those quiet moments when life isn't hectic enough I sneak away into that blue F icon and get lost in a sea of baby pictures, engagements, smiles and the occasional angry rants and political comments. So with that said this 2015 I'd like to use all those seconds and minutes and engage more with my daughter, the real world, and my ARE flashcards. However, I cannot give up taking pictures and the occasional post on instagram, so I will not be gone for good.

On Jan 5th, 2015 I will commence my mission and my New Year's resolution treadmill will be turned on. I'm scared *^%$$#@ for this year, I'm not sure if I can pull this off, but here I go. I have nothing to lose but more sleep hehehe.

p.s If you watched this years New York City NYE countdown you might have noticed how the crowd instead of going wild when the clock struck 12 they were all too busy on their phones. I'm guilty of being that type of person. So instead of instagramming, facebooking, snapchatting and tweeting away the moment things occur. This 2015 I'm putting my phone down and rejoining society.