DIY X Table & Pattern


I made this table 10 years ago and still love it so I decided it's time to share the process. Unfortunately back then I wasn't much for documenting my DIY projects - Yet, what I can do is share the written instructions and my plywood pattern (click for AI file).

This table is perfect for folks who move around a bit, because it comes apart in two pieces allowing you to flat pack it. 

What you need:

1 qty. 4x8 _ 3/4" Birch Plywood sheet

1 qty. Glass table top. (I purchased mine here)

What you need to do:

1.  Use a scroll saw to cut the shapes out from your 4x8 piece of plywood. 

2. Take two pieces of the cut shape and sandwich with wood glue. This allows each leg to have 1.5" width and more strength and stability to the table. 

3. Repeat this with the remainder two pieces and allow to dry for 24 hours.

4. Sand and add wood filler to all irregularities in the wood.

5. Prime the table legs

6. Once primer has dried, add your desired Paint. 

Wala by now you have a table, all you have to do is place one of the legs across the other like an X. Congrats you made a table go take a victory lap my friend, you rock!